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Jim, Ryann and Teri

About Teri

Teri Allen of Terolyn Horse Rescue has been a horse person since childhood. She rescued her first horse, Honey, as a child while living in Alaska for a while with her family. When it was time to move back to the mainland, the family arranged for The Flying Tigers to transport Honey and their other horse Beau—a first for everyone involved. Up to that time horses were transported in and out of Alaska in cargo ship holds or hauled over the Alcan Highway.

The family settled back into Colorado. Teri attended college at CSU in Fort Collins with a major in animal science. For the past 25 years she has been the owner of Terolyn Training, training horses, giving riding lessons and rescuing horses and other animals.

While Teri as been rescuing horses and other animals for decades, in 2016 she applied for and received non-profit status for her Colorado horse rescue so she can accept donations to help defer some of the heavy costs associated with rescuing horses.