July 13, 2016

To whom it may concern:

I want to commend Terolyn Horse Rescue and Teri Jacobson for the outstanding work she has done helping at risk horses receive safe harbor, medical care, nutrition, training and new homes.

I have had the honor to work with Teri for close to 8 years as her veterinarian. She has gone above and beyond to help at risk horses. Horses that were destined to be sent to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. Horses that were destined to be euthanized. Once a horse makes it into Teri’s hands, it is guaranteed to be treated with respect, love and understanding. I have spent many hours with her treating sick horses. She has given up her holiday’s to treat horses with colic. I’ve seen her spend her own money to send them to the equine hospital or the university for care that cannot be given at the farm. She has cried over the one’s that could not be saved. After medical care, nutrition and support and training she has been successful in placing the vast majority of at risk horses in very carefully selected new homes. If she hasn’t been able to place a horse, she has found it in her heart to keep them on her personal ranch.

With the formation of Terolyn Horse Rescue she has the opportunity to help many more horses. She has developed a network of people that support her efforts with funding, barn help and training. She is very dedicated to the horses which makes me confident that any additional funding or grants she receives will be very well utilized to help more at risk horses.

Again, I want to commend Teri Jacobsen for her past work and highly recommend her for any additional funding or grants that may be available.

Dale R. Rice MS DVM
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