Evaluating a Rescue

audreyJaxAny rescue animal needs to be evaluated for health and soundness. Not all rescued horses are fit for riding or even leaving the property of the Terolyn ranch in order for Teri to guarantee that the animal will live out the remainder of it’s life in a comfortable and loving environment.

Teri’s education, decades of experience and intuitive connection with animals gives her a very clear idea of the condition of each animal. However, she also has regular vets that come to the ranch and will also supply a professional evaluation.

Horses that are fit and trained or trainable can be adopted out to new owners. Please see Adopting a Horse for more details.

Horses that are not eligible for adoption are available for Sponsoring.

All rescues are also kept in quarantine for 60 days. Paddocks that can be temporarily fenced in are located in the center of the property, a proper distance from the barns, paddocks and pastures inhabited by the resident horses.