Operation Feedlot Miracle

Jax and Audrey

In mid-July 2015, Terolyn Training and Edwards Animals rescued 6 horses (two geldings, two mares and their foals) from inevitable slaughter. Teri was alerted about these kill-pen horses through a Facebook post by Colorado Feed Lot Horses. Teri has rescued and rehomed many horses in the past, but prefers to “catch” them before they end up in kill-pens where they are exposed to the horrors, neglect and diseases of the kill-pen setting.

These horses don’t have a choice or a voice.

Terolyn Horse Rescue
Shay and Ava

From the CFLH web site: In the State of Colorado, there are two slaughter feedlot owners. They purchase horses from auctions here and in surrounding states to fulfill contracts for companies who require horses to be processed for consumption. These horses are not processed in the United States, instead they are transported to either Mexico or Canada. Currently, there are no state or federal laws prohibiting the transport of horses to these facilities. We are very fortunate to have the ability to go to one of this lots and try to save or “pull” as many as we can from the time they arrive their to the time they are shipped.

terolyn horse rescue
Gambler and Ryann

They come in every shape, color, size and condition when they arrive and our goal is to provide the public with information as to what horses are there at any given time. Contrary to popular belief, not every horse that ends up on a slaughter lot is emaciated, dangerous or abused. In fact, that is more the minority than the majority. Many of these horses are solid, sound, very well trained horses that were dumped at an auction for some reason or another.

terolyn horse rescue
Reeses and family

Terolyn and Edwards Animals have incurred vet bills, adoption fees, etc. in the process of saving these horses. Please donate whatever you can afford to help defray the costs of the rescue and all the medical bills incurred. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you!